Your child’s checkups and immunizations are very important. At these visits, we will perform a complete physical exam, evaluate growth and development, discuss diet, bowel habits, sleep, school, behavior issues as well as any concerns you might have. We will also review age appropriate preventive care. Many of these things cannot be done during a sick visit, so please remember that your child needs checkups even if you seem to be in the office all the time.Routine physical examinations should be scheduled 4-8 weeks in advance, especially during summer months when there is a higher demand for school and camp physicals.  It is wise to schedule your child's yearly exam near his or her birthday.   As your children enter adolescence, we will encourage them to begin assuming full responsibility for their health maintenance. We will often perform part of the interview with the parents out of the exam room. A chaperone is available upon request. It is most helpful if we know your concerns, if any, in advance. We will maintain confidentiality regarding our discussions with adolescent patients. We encourage you to maintain open communication with your adolescent.

Visit Screening Vaccinations
Newborn Hospital Visit Hep B
1-2 wks 1st office visit  
2 mo.   Pentacel* (5-in1), HepB #2, PCV *, Rotavirus*
4 mo.   Pentacel#2,  PCV #2, 
Rota #2
6 mo. Lead survey Pentacel#3, HepB#3, (Flu#1**),Rota #3
9 mo Lead survey PCV #3
12 mo Lead survey, blood test for anemia & lead MMR-Varicella; PCV #4;
Hep A ***
15 mo.   DTaP-Hib  
18 mo.   Hepatitis A #2***
2 yrs Lead survey, blood test for anemia & lead  
3 yrs    
4 yrs Hearing and vision screening begins DTaP#5-Polio#4; MMR-V #2 before kgtn
5-10 yrs Yearly checkups one of above if not yet done 
11-14 yrs Yearly checkups; confidential adol.survey 12 & up Tdap; meningococcal***;
HPV #1 ***
15 & up Yearly checkups; confidl adolsurvey; urine screen HPV if series of 3 not done

*Pentacel is DTaP+polio+Hib vaccine; PCV, or Prevnar is pneumococcal conjugate vaccine; Rotavirus vaccine is by mouth, to prevent Rotoviral diarrhea. **Annual Flu vaccination advised for all those 6m-59 months, with chronic illness, and anyone else wishing to reduce complications from the flu. It is usually available after October 1st, while supplies last. ***These vaccines are not yet required for school entry, but are recommended by the AAP, CDC, andour doctors. Gardisil, or Human Pappiloma Virus vaccine, is offered to males & females age 9-26. Many colleges require meningococcal vaccination. Many jobs require Hepatitis A vaccine. 

Please note that the vaccine schedule may change from time to time as new vaccines are developed and we learn more about the ones currently in use. Thank You. Please review the relevent VIS (Vaccine Information Statements) before each preventive care visit.


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